Quite Simple Actually


1.  *Initial Acne Consultation And Treatment  45-60 mins


Learn how to take care of your skin and the importance of compliance.  This is a 45-60 minute appointment and consultation filled with information.  You will learn what effects the acneic skin, (for example) foods to avoid, makeup to avoid etc.  Your first appointment will include a facial that will match your skin with the appropriate products to get you clear and consultation.



2.  *A Series of 6 Appointments may be purchased at one time. 


Value package

A package of  six  (6) treatments - $490 (You save $50) 

A package of three (3) treatments - $ $245 (You save $25)


Special Pricing - Expires December 31, 2016


3.  *Skincare Products


Products are dispensed upon professional recommendation.  Please keep in mind that all products are recommended on an "as-needed" basis. You can rest assure that you will not be sold an over abundance of products.  



4.  *Single Appointments


Single appointments (without the purchase of the package of 6) are recommended for those who are clear and or need a tune-up.  

If you want to try out the acne treatment you are welcome to purchase the single treatment.


Single Treatments $90.00




As you can see it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


*Products purchased are the recommendation of the Esthetician, prices are gentle and products necessary to clear.  But one cannot clear with products alone you must use an Acne Specialist.


Please note: Services are available by appointment only.

 200 Third Street -  San Juan Bautista, CA  95045


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